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After-School Program Registration

Winchester Sites:

The 2017-18 After-School Program for Winchester sites is FULL.
To request to add into the waiting list to Winchester sites for future school years 2018-19; 19-20 etc, click here.
Registration for 2018-19 school year will start in March 2018. Currently enrolled families have the priority to register first.
Families signed in waiting list will be notified around late March - April when spots become available.

Belmont Site:

The 2017-18 After-School Program for Belmont site is FULL.

To request to join the waiting list to Belmont site for future school years 2017-18, 18-19 etc, click here.

Newton Site: (230 Herrick Rd, Newton Center, MA 02459)

The 2017-18 After-School Program for Newton site is currently open for registration.

The school bus will pick up at Williams, Zervas, Mason-Rice and Bowen schools. Students from other schools please contact us for other options of transportation.

Please click to sign-up 2017-18  to Newton site, and download registration form below.

You can also signup for 2018-19 school year, in order to be notified when registration is open in Mar-Apr 2018.


To register for the 2017-18 After School Program, please submit the following:

1.     The Enrollment Forms for the Winchester or Belmont or Newton sites which include the following:

  • Selection of Enrollment Days and Payment
  • Child Information
  • Parent/Guidance Information
  • The First Aid and Medical Care Consent Form
  • The Transportation Plan and Authorization Form
  • Minor Release and Hold Harmless Agreement

Click to Download: Registration Form 2017-18 Winchester After School Program

Click to Download: Registration Form 2017-18 Belmont After School Program

Click to Download: Registration Form 2017-18 Newton After School Program

2.     A check with your initial payment which includes the registration fee and the first month tuition for each child.

3.     Individual Healthcare Plan (IHCP) and Emergency Medicine if your child has a chronic health condition such as nuts, milk allergy etc.
        (to be submitted on the first day of the new school year, if not sooner)

4.     For Belmont site, the additional form "Child Pickup Authorization Form" is needed for elementary students

         Winn Brook or Burbank students use this form, submit to your child's school teacher
         Wellington and Butler students use this form, submit to your child's school teacher

5.     For Newton site, "Child Pickup Authorization Form" download here.

You have to complete items 1 and 2 to secure a space in the Program.
Please mail documents to:

       WSCC ASP
       P.O. Box 3232
       Woburn, MA 01888

Also, please:

For current space availability, please contact:

Annie Wang,
WSCC ASP Director
E-mail: wscc.asp@gmail.com
Phone: 978.223.5051

************WSCC 2018Winter Camp冬令营报名 (Updated)********************

开放时间8:30-5:30pm自带午餐。一周活动主要以中国农历新年为主题,早上为文化介绍和中文练习,下午有烹饪课、手工课等游艺活动,有一天Field Trip。
网上即时登记google form (https://goo.gl/forms/oPJZV9cLwvKXSmwF3) to reserve your spot.
并下载注册表(https://goo.gl/edVWJ8 )填好后连付款一并交到周日前台(1/14,21,28, 2/11)或寄学校信箱。
WSCC 2018Winter Camp Registration
February 19-23 Winter vacation week Childcare program is open for registration to both Winchester and Belmont sites.
Daily schedule: 8:30 - 5:30pm, bring your own lunch. Main theme will be Chinese New Year celebration related topics. Chinese cultural introduction and language practice in the mornings; Arts & crafts, cooking and fun activities in the afternoons. Friday will be field trip.
Online signup google form (https://goo.gl/forms/oPJZV9cLwvKXSmwF3) to reserve your spot.
The Registration form can be downloaded following link and submitted at Sunday school front table https://goo.gl/edVWJ8