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Summer Program

2017 Summer WSCC Chinese Language and Culture Program 中文夏令营

The Chinese Language Program consists of four two-week sessions (7/10 - 9/1/2017). The program will be under the guidance of Ms. Betty Jaw and Ms. Ruiming Huang, along with several qualified assistants, as well as invited instructors of arts, music and other specialties.

Students (age 5-10) are organized into groups based on their age and Chinese language proficiency during Chinese language practice.

The Program emphasizes the development of Chinese language through student-centered real-life language performance, game playing, and cultural activities. Students discover and explore the fun and pleasure of understanding and mastering the Chinese language. For each session, students are taught Chinese culture and language arts in the morning; and variety of activities such as martial arts, dance, calligraphy, and arts and crafts in the afternoon from Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, students participate in a daylong field trip.



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2017 Summer WSCC Chinese Dance Program 中国舞夏令营

The Chinese Dance Program consists of a two-week session (8/21-25 & 8/28-9/1/2017) and is under the instruction of Ms. Mia Tsai, along with several qualified assistants. Students (age 8 and above) are organized into groups based on their level of dance experience.



Click the video link for sample activities: https://youtu.be/RSMXS8dN3jY